Police Rehabilitation & Retraining Trust

We help build new and healthier futures.

We support thousands of retired and retiring police officers to create the future they want after policing. We make a difference to peopleโ€™s lives by helping them to feel as mentally and physically well as possible. Together, we work in partnership with you to help you see how valuable your skills are to others, and how, with our training support, you can achieve your personal and professional potential.

Police Rehabilitation & Retraining Trust
Police Rehabilitation & Retraining Trust

We are here to support police officers planning to retire from service, or those who have already retired from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), or the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC (RUC GC).


This Department provides a comprehensive service working with retiring and retired officers to assist individuals to prepare for the future and to make a successful transition from policing to a civilian life that is rewarding and fulfilling.


This Department is a highly specialised clinical service working closely with clients to restore and maintain physical function, maximise potential and promote well being.


This Department is a highly specialist clinical service which aims to address and treat peopleโ€™s psychological needs which have arisen in the face of adversity and conflict.

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As we finish off another busy week if you have any enquiries in relation to PRRT services, contact:

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EMDR - better known as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. This is an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences, including PTSD, anxiety, depression and panic disorders.(1/2)

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