What we do

We help build new and healthier futures

We support thousands of retired and retiring police officers to create the future they want after policing.  We make a difference to people’s lives by helping them to feel as mentally and physically well as possible. Together, we work in partnership with you to help you see how valuable your skills are to others, and how, with our training support, you can achieve your personal and professional potential.

PRRT’s services are available to non-police bodies, within, or funded by the Department of Justice (DoJ).

About the Police Rehabilitation & Retraining Trust

We offer you specialist support


We offer you the support you need to overcome the psychological and physical injuries you may have suffered during your police service. We have teams of clinicians who work with you to help you achieve the health goals you set for treatment.

Personal Development and Training

Our Personal Development and Careers Coaches help you to identify the most suitable employment, or active retirement goal for you. They work alongside you to help you come to an informed decision about the right choice for you. They do this by encouraging you to consider important factors like:

  • your personal circumstances
  • your skills, qualifications, abilities and aptitudes developed from all spheres of life
  • career, employment, self-employment or active retirement options that match your strengths, interests and personal circumstances
  • options that are possible with our training support.

Once you have identified your goal, we offer you a range of targeted training support to help you achieve the lifestyle you aspire to. We provide access to subsidised in-house training and education courses.

Who we are

We are a Non Department Public Body (NDPB) of the Department of Justice for Northern Ireland (DoJ).

Who we serve

We are here to support police officers planning to retire from service, or those who have already retired from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), or the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC (RUC GC). We will offer support to partners and immediate family members of eligible clients, in specific circumstances. Each service has a slightly different eligibility criteria, so visit the webpage of the service you are interested in to check your eligibility.

Our services are also open on a self-funding basis to the following groups:

  • Police staff
  • Immediate family members of serving or retired police officers
  • Part Time Reserve officers
  • Serving or retired officers who do not meet the eligibility criteria.
About the Police Rehabilitation & Retraining Trust

Our Board

Our Board is responsible for the control and strategic direction of PRRT. It consists of seven directors, one of whom represents the Chief Constable and two representing the Police Federation of Northern Ireland.

As we evolved, we sought to strengthen the Board’s foundations by inviting individuals onto the Board who had particular expertise in addition to those with relevant policing experience.

Our directors have brought a broad range of specialisms to the Board including law, human resources, marketing and accounting. Our Board draws on experience from police, commercial and public sector backgrounds. The Directors oversee corporate governance through a series of regular policy meetings.

Our Executive Team

The Chief Executive is accountable to the Board of Directors, and manages the services with a dedicated Senior Management Team accountable to him. The Team is comprised of:

  • Head of Psychological Therapies
  • Head of Physiotherapy
  • Head of Personal Development and Training
  • Head of Finance and Support Services.

Our History

Following a series of paramilitary ceasefires from 1994, the RUC initiated an internal Review of Policing in the mid-1990s. The Review considered the implications for the Police Service should a politically negotiated peace settlement be achieved in Northern Ireland. One obvious outcome for the Service of policing a more socially and politically stable society would be the requirement for an extensive restructuring of the Service and a revision to its existing model of policing.

A number of individuals drawn from policing and civilian backgrounds were concerned that police officers affected by any potential change should be adequately supported to make a successful transition into an alternative lifestyle. There was recognition that a significant proportion would require help to overcome personal challenges emerging from their police service. Some carried physical and psychological conditions into retirement that hindered their quality of life, whilst others believed that their ability to secure alternative careers and employment would be radically restricted because of the nature and perception of their occupation.

A working group was formed with the express purpose of securing government funding to provide a package of services assessed as necessary for officers and retired officers to achieve their chosen work life balance in civilian life. The group successfully achieved approval from the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in 1998 and PRRT became operational in March 1999.

PRRT exists to assist retired officers to recognise their potential, identify opportunities, set and achieve their objectives and enjoy optimum mental and physical wellbeing beyond policing.  We enable clients to achieve their goals by providing:

Multi-disciplinary expertise is utilised to develop customised services to respond to the complexity of individual need.

  • Sole provider of evidence based clinical interventions in physiotherapy and psychological therapies to the retired police community
  • Provider of Personal Development, Coaching and Training to the Policing and Justice Community
  • Provider of services to PSNI’s Occupational Health and Welfare Unit for serving officers and civilian support workers
  • Full Time Reserve Severance Support programme
  • Northern Ireland Prison Service – outplacement scheme
  • Internal service provider for the Department of Justice working with organisations such as Forensic Science and Youth Justice Agency
About the Police Rehabilitation & Retraining Trust