Statement to Service Users of PRRT

Updated 25 June 2020

In response to the Covid19 Recovery Plan, we have made incremental steps in re-opening the Trust over the past few months in order to protect you and our staff. As of 29 June, we are taking the next step and opening the Trust five days a week from 9.00am to 5.00pm with approximately half our staff in each day.

Please read the departmental guidance below – what we can provide is different for Physiotherapy, Psychology and Personal Development & Training (PD&T).

As always be assured that our aim is to protect the health and safety of our staff and you, our clients, as much as we can.  As we incrementally move forward with service provision to you we require that you observe the instructions from our staff on handwashing and the measures we have put in place to implement social distancing.   We will support our staff on this and require that all clients follow staff directions.

General Information

  1. Clients should not travel to PRRT without a prior appointment and reception is only open for calls.
  2. Reception is closed and is not being used as a waiting area – please remain in your car and call reception to notify of your arrival.
  3. The only service offering face-to-face appointments is physiotherapy and you will be asked a number of health screening questions before attending. See further below.
  4. Psychology sessions and PD&T sessions will only be via telephone or virtual appointments. See further below.
  5. You must not attend onsite if you are showing any of the Covid19 symptoms or live in a household with someone who has these symptoms.
  6. If you need to get in contact please call our Services Admin team 028 9042 7788 or email

Physiotherapy Department

The service is currently offering a telephone and/or video assessment and advice service Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00 pm.

Initial appointments are by phone when your physiotherapist will discuss your condition in detail with you. If it is thought helpful and you have the facility, a skype call can be arranged.

  • Your physiotherapist will use assessment and clinical reasoning skills to come up with the most effective plan to treat your condition
  • They can provide expert advice on how best to manage your condition and address any concerns or questions you may have
  • They can prescribe a personalised exercise programme tailored to your needs and sent via email or alternatively via secure post if email is unavailable to you
  • These exercise plans can be progressed as your condition changes
  • Review sessions can be arranged to monitor your response to treatment
  • Your physiotherapist can also signpost you to other medical services if required such as your GP, pharmacist or A&E, if they have particular concerns
  • If you are currently experiencing pain, loss of function and/or mobility please contact our services administration to arrange an assessment

In addition

From the 29th June we will be resuming face to face Physiotherapy sessions when this is considered necessary. This decision will be taken by the physiotherapist and will be based on clinical need and balance of risk.

When face to face treatment is necessary enhanced infection control procedures and practices are in place, these will include:

  • Waiting in your car on arrival to PRRT until called to enter
  • Hand sanitising/washing stations throughout the building
  • Health screening questions will be asked and your temperature will be taken using an infrared contactless thermometer
  • Physiotherapists will be wearing appropriate PPE – mask, gloves and apron.
  • You will be asked to wear a mask
  • One-way system observed within the building.
  • All surfaces will be sanitised between clients.

Regional Services

Our regional Physiotherapy service will also recommence on the 29th June. Clients will continue to be assessed as above by PRRT physiotherapy staff however we now have the option of referring you for Face to face treatment at a practice close to your home when this is deemed appropriate.

Group Programmes

It is likely that group exercise activities will be suspended for a considerable time. The team are currently working on ways to enable us to deliver these programmes via internet access and we will update you as soon as this service is available.

Video explaining what the physio team can do for you

New service from Physio


Personal Development & Training Department

The Personal Development and Training Service due to current government guidance is unable to provide face to face appointments with a Career and Development Coach at Maryfield and outreach locations. Until such times as restrictions are relaxed support and assistance are available by telephone and/or e-mail. Provision is also in place to arrange a virtual meeting with a Career and Development Coach in cases where technology supports this option. The team is currently responding to requests for assistance with planning for retirement, career guidance, information on courses, CV development, completing applications and interview preparation,

From June 29th this restricted service is available from Monday through to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00pm.

One-to-One Appointments

All appointments are by telephone or alternatively a virtual meeting can be arranged if technology is compatible. Career and Development Coaches are available to provide information and support in the following areas

  • Advice and guidance on careers, jobs and opportunities in retirement
  • Assistance with writing a CV/completing applications for employment
  • Preparation for interviews/selection process
  • Courses, education and qualifications
  • Applications for Training Support


 All PRRT training courses have been cancelled until further notice. To discuss your training requirements and to explore other options please contact PRRT. Updates to the delivery of training will be communicated through the PRRT web page.

Training Support

Training Support continues to be available to eligible clients enrolling on courses focused on acquiring new skills and qualifications. Clients considering making an application for Training Support must contact PRRT before they start the course to check eligibility and how to make an application. A Career and Development Coach will contact you to discuss eligibility for Training Support, the course and the documentation required to support the application.

Clients on courses that have been suspended or the end date of the course has been extended should contact PRRT to advice of this change in the completion date/suspension of the course.

Outreach Services

All meetings with Career and Development Coach in outreach locations are currently cancelled. This will remain the case until such times as guidance changes. The alternative is to contact PRRT to arrange a time to speak with a member of staff who will make every effort to provide assistance and support.


Psychological Therapies Department

The Department of Psychological Therapies has been working hard to minimise the disruption to client’s psychological treatment during the COVID 19 Pandemic and has remained open throughout this crisis.

We are currently providing one to one telephone support to our clients. We are ensuring that our clients access the best psychological tools and resources to look after their mental health, especially during this challenging time and to deal with issues like depression, anxiety and trauma.

Our highly specialist therapists continue to use the most innovative and evidence-based treatments including bespoke CBT interventions and are supported by senior clinical supervisors to provide the best support and care throughout this challenging period.

In line with Government social distancing measures and to ensure clients and staff are kept safe we are currently working with a reduced clinical team. This has meant we have had to temporarily pause new assessments to the service while we focused our resources on supporting clients currently in treatment. We aim to return to assessing new clients as soon as possible. If you wish to access the service you can contact us and we will call you back to book an appointment as soon as these become available again.

We have added relevant articles, safety advice and guidelines to our website. We have also added Relaxation and EMDR Resourcing Audios which clients can access at any time. Please see the client support section on PRRT’s Website.

As a team, we are excited about future developments and providing remote therapy through different modalities and believe that this will make our service even more accessible and break down any barriers of accessing essential psychological therapies to our client groups. We are also looking forward to when we can see our clients face to face again at Maryfield and our satellite clinics.

As this situation is rapidly evolving, we will keep our website up to date regarding our continued developments.

If you have any queries about our services or need to speak to a therapist please contact as above. A duty therapist will contact you. As always if you are in crisis please contact emergency services or your GP.

 24 hour Confidential Helplines:

  • LIFE LINE 0808 808 8000 SAMARITANS 028 9066 4422 or 0845 790 9090
  • CHILDLINE 0800 11 11
  • Contact GP/Out of Hours/A & E in case of emergencies