PRRT Board of Directors

Membership of the PRRT Board is as follows:

  • Ken Millar (Chair)
  • Mark Lindsay (Chair of NI Police Federation)
  • Brenda Maitland
  • Maynard Mawhinney
  • Marty Whittle (Secretary of NI Police Federation)
  • Oliver Wilkinson

Ken Millar (Chair)

Mr Millar, as a member of the Northern Ireland Civil Service,  was the  Chief Executive of an Agency within DFP providing IT and Telecomms, Consultancy and Training services to the Northern Ireland Departments from 1996 until 2002. He was previously Director of Personnel and IT services in the Department of Health & Social Services from 1995 until 1996. Since 2002 Mr Millar acted as a Director in Ken Millar Consultancy Limited, a firm providing management consultancy services to the Northern Ireland Departments, as well as Non Departmental Public Bodies. During 2014 he held the position of Acting Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Law Commission. Mr Millar has been a Board member  of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive since 2010, and also a non executive director of the Agri-Food and Bioscience Institute since 2012.

Mark Lindsay (Board member)

Mark Lindsay is Chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland (PFNI) a position he has held since February 2015.  Mark joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary Reserve (Full-Time) in 1987 and served in Aughnacloy and Ballygawley stations. In 1991 he joined the regular RUC and was stationed in Cookstown and subsequently No.5 MSU in Newtownabbey. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1999 and was transferred to Ballymena.

First elected to his Regional Board as a Sergeants representative in 2003, he became Chairman of the Regional Board in 2007. Mark has served on Central Committee since 2006 and became Vice Chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland in 2009.

His Federation experience and current roles include the following:

  • Chairman of the Finance, Pay and Pensions Sub Committee
  • Member of the Board of Trustees for the Police Treatment Centres (On behalf of the RUC GC – PSNI Benevolent Fund)
  • PFNI representative on the Estates Delivery Group
  • PFNI representative on the Executive Committee of the National Police Memorial Day
  • PFNI representative on the Police Advisory Group for Northern Ireland
  • Trustee of the Police Dependents’ Trust
  • Chairman of the Harp & Crown Credit Union Advisory Committee
  • Director of the Northern Ireland Police Fund

Brenda Maitland (Board member)

Mrs Maitland is a Charity Commissioner, a Council member of the Pharmaceutical Society NI, a member of the NI Social Care Council and an External (PRSD) Assessor for a number of schools.  She is a member of Saintfield Development Association.  Formerly, she worked for BT Northern Ireland for over 25 years in various technical and managerial roles.  She was Vice-Chair of the Labour Relations Agency and a member of the HSENI Board.  She is Chartered member of CIPD and has an honours degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Maynard Mawhinney (Board member)

Mr Mawhinney has been a board member with the Health and Safety Executive (NI) since October 2012 and a member of the CAFRE College Advisory Group from September 2013. He is an Independent Assessor with the Commissioner for Public Appointments and commenced this role in March 2014. Maynard serves as BDO’s agri-food advisor and provides business advice and mentoring to private sector companies in the agri-food sector and has just been appointed independent director in one such company. Prior to this he was Director of Food and Commercial Tourism with Invest NI, responsible for the growth and development of the food sector which consists of some 350 enterprises. He led a team of thirty people and was responsible for an annual budget of some £10m. He is married to Hazel, has two grown up sons and is heavily involved in his church organisation. In his spare time he spends time with family, hikes, gardens and travels.

Political Activity – None.

Marty Whittle (Board member)

Marty Whittle is Secretary to the Police Federation of Northern Ireland (PFNI) a position he has held since July 2014. Marty joined the RUC on 31st May 1983 following on from his service in the Police Cadets, which he joined in August 1981; he has served in Counties Fermanagh, Tyrone, and Londonderry. Having been elected as a Federation Representative in 2002 he has performed the role of No 4 Regional Board Secretary, Benevolent Fund rep and latterly from 2005 a member of Central Committee.

He was elected as Assistant Secretary of the PFNI in April 2008 and preformed this role until July 2014 when he was elected as Secretary.

Other posts held include:

  • Chairman of the PFNI Business Sub Committee
  • Chairman of the C.R.T.P Sub Committee
  • Secretary of RUC GC – PSNI Benevolent Fund
  • Trustee and Member of Management Committee at P.D.T
  • PFNI Representative on DDA/Management Attendance/Transfer Appeal Panels
  • Benevolent Fund representative for on CARE Forum
  • Post Incident Manager for Federated Ranks (Force Science Institute Accredited)
  • Discipline Friend
  • Member of Harp & Crown Credit Union Credit Committee

Oliver Wilkinson (Board member)

Mr Wilkinson is semi-retired.  He works on a self-employed basis as a Registered Intermediary (communication specialist) with people who come into contact with the criminal justice system.  On an occasional basis, he works as an Appropriate Adult with Mindwise (a Northern Ireland Based Mental Health Charity).  Mr Wilkinson has over 20 years senior management experience, firstly as CEO of Victim Support in Northern Ireland, and then as CEO of Share/Discovery 80 Limited in Fermanagh, which provides educational and recreational activities for disabled and non-disabled people.  Prior to this, he worked for the Probation Board Northern Ireland.  Mr Wilkinson sits on the board of the Victims and Survivors Service and in a voluntary capacity, was a founding member and current Hon Sec of Healing Through Remembering, an independent initiative made up of a diverse membership with different political perspectives, working on a common goal of how to deal with the legacy of the past as it relates to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland.