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Our Coaching and Development Department, along with the Physiotherapy and Psychological Therapies, aims to provide a holistic service to improve our clients’ quality of life and wellbeing.

Our Department provides a comprehensive service working with retiring and retired officers to assist individuals to prepare for the future through a successful transition from policing to a fulfilling civilian life providing support throughout retirement.

SERVICES WE PROVIDE : Career and Development Coaching

Career and Development Coaching

Moving from a structured and familiar career can be daunting with many uncertainties.  Working with a Development Coach provides an opportunity to safely explore and discuss potential options to include paid employment, volunteering or training for a new career.

To assist our clients in preparing and planning for the future the following are available through the  Coaching and Development Service.

  • Advice and Guidance (Work, Training and Active Retirement)
  • Training Needs and Support
  • CV Writing
  • Completing Job Application Forms
  • Interview Preparation

Advice and Guidance (Work, Training and Active Retirement)

A Development Coach will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you to develop a plan for the future.  Many police officers look forward to leaving and see it as a time to pursue new opportunities.  In contrast to this, for many leaving policing it is an anxious time.  This anxiety may result from not knowing what to do, not sure of how to describe the skills, knowledge and expertise developed across a career in policing, loss of purpose and identity and a general concern about the ability to cope with major change.

The Development Coaches are experienced in listening to clients and in particular how they feel about the future. The Coaches are skilled in helping clients with making decisions about what they will do when they leave or have left policing. Assistance is available with finding information about providers of training and education courses, sources of employer vacancies, volunteering opportunities and ways to remain active in retirement at any stage after leaving policing.

Training Needs and Support

Planning to take a new direction may entail attending training to gain new skills and knowledge in pursuit of new opportunities. A Development Coach can assist you in researching courses across a range of providers.  They will also guide you through the types of courses available to help you to decide which fits best with current commitments. Financial assistance is also available to help eligible clients meet part of the cost of courses undertaken in support of a new career.  Applications for financial assistance must be completed and approved before the training begins.

With effect from October 2023 PRRT have revised their Terms & Conditions relating to financial bursaries. For further details please contact one of our Coaches.

CV Writing and Application Forms

Gathering and structuring the information required for a CV or application form can be an onerous task. It can be difficult to know where to begin when describing the skills, experience and expertise developed throughout a policing career.  A Development Coach can help you to gather this information to create a Master CV, however attending the PRRT Skills and CV course is highly recommended.  One–to–one assistance is available with the completion of application forms to help you to promote your relevant skills and experience.

Interview Preparation

Thorough preparation is critical when seeking to increase the chances of being successful in securing a job.  A Development Coach can help you with preparing responses to questions, understanding competency based interviews, the purpose and structure of interviews and the Do’s and Do Not’s of interview practice. A greater awareness of the interview process can help boost levels of personal effectiveness and confidence.

Eligibility for Career and Personal Development Coaching

The eligibility criteria for one-to-one career and development coaching sessions is as follows;

  • All retired officers
  • Serving Officer (one-to-one advice and guidance sessions only – no funding support offered)

The following groups may use the service on a self-funding basis;

  • Immediate family members/partner of serving or retired officers


Retraining with PRRT

To assist eligible clients the Coaching and Development Service offers courses and financial support with the cost of education and training courses. PRRT courses are free or subsidised by PRRT for eligible clients.

Personal Development Training

Identifying Transferrable Skills and Writing a CV

Training Support

PRRT offers ‘Training Support’ to assist eligible clients with the cost of course fees. A percentage of costs may be reimbursed to clients up to a maximum amount per annum. The award of ‘Training Support’ is discretionary, some courses may not be eligible and is subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of the application.

Eligibility for Training Courses and Training Support

Eligibility for PRRT training courses and training support is as follows:

  • Serving officers with a minimum of 25 years of service
  • Serving Officers with less than 25 years of service who are retiring and have an actual leaving date
  • All Retired Officers
  • Subject to the latest terms and conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Coaching and Development service help me to prepare for retirement?

The Development Coaching Staff have assisted police officers to explore the opportunities open to them when they leave policing.  In our experience our clients are not always aware of the broad range of skills, experience and expertise developed in their policing role and indeed their value in other areas of life.  Staff will support you in realising your potential, recognising your strengths along with the opportunities open to you.  They will also help you to put a plan in place to prepare for your retirement.

New ideas and challenges can appear at any time before or some years after retirement.

Staff will be available to support you when plans change and guidance on remaining active in retirement is always available.

Assistance with writing a CV, completing application forms and preparing for interviews are also available.

Do I have to come to Maryfield to meet with a Development Coach?

Not necessarily.  You can meet with a Development Coach in Enniskillen and Coleraine.  Contact the  Coaching and Development Service at 028 9042 7788 or email to book a meeting. Text relay number – 18001 028 9042 7788.

How do I enrol on a course at Maryfield?

Enrolments on PRRT courses are arranged through a Development Coach.  They will discuss the suitability of the course and joining instructions with you.

To find out more contact the service at 028 9042 7788 or email to book a meeting. Text relay number – 18001 028 9042 7788

Are retired officers eligible for Coaching and Development Discretionary Funding?

All retired officers are eligible for advice and guidance through the Coaching and Development Service at any point after retirement.  All Retired Officers are eligible to apply for funding in line with the Funding Terms and Conditions

Is there a cost?

Access to the service for eligible clients is free.


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